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This was my 61 st trip to Hawaii the Big island & my Second trip out on the lavakai with Captain Shane Turpin and his crew the Lava Flows were extensive and Shane guided the boat within 75 feet of the shore line. The volcano photography was mind blowing and the trip always felt comfortable and safe although we got VERY VERY close to lava, so close you could feel the heat on your skin. After 61 trips to this Hawaii Island Paradise this is with out a doubt one of the must do activities in Hawaii. 5 Stars both the trip & crew I will be back again very soon

Lance Miller - Lavaocean pictures by Lance here


Apr 9, 2009 Sam - “The highlight of my 1 week hawaii trip just fabulous. lava viewing, dripping”

“A must do!”Columbus, Ohio - I would have regretted going to the Big Island and not doing this. We are so lucky to have gotten to experience this unforgettable adventure! The crew were great! They got us so close to the lava and we got some great pictures. Dont go to Hawaii without doing this!

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“Simply amazing” Bellevue, WA globalzeke The day we went on this lava boat tour the lava was really pumping. It was easily one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. We got within 100 feet of the lava flowing into the ocean! Surely there is no better way to see lava flow.The three crew members on board were knowledgeable and very cognizant of each passenger's comfort and safety, and Captain Shane's narration really helped us to appreciate what we were seeing even more. At no point did I ever feel unsafe, and I was constantly in awe of what I was witnessing.This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I doubt I will ever see anything quite like this again. Well worth getting up at 3am to see the sun rise on the lava flow.

"Lava Ocean Adventures" Houston, TX Anduril01 Fantastic way to witness the power of lava pouring into the Pacific. Capt Shane and Keith provided a great adventure. We took the 5am boat ride to the lava sites and enjoyed an ocean sunrise on the way.

Capt Shane's experience and knowledge made the trip smooth sailing on March 22, 2009.

This was the highlight of our 9 day spring break.

Lava Photography shot on private volcano tours by boat to active volcano kilauea provided by Maui Bob Bangor. Bob just could get enough he's been out 5 times in the past year. With lava photos llike these you can see why.

Thanks for a great trip as always, more tossers than keepers, shot enough that I've got some new material to work with. Long time friend, fellow lava diver & valued customer
Mr. Doug Perrine
See more of Dougs Photography at

I never expected to see what we saw on the adventure of our life.
OH MY GAWD, after a relatively short ride on the LavaKai, we saw the plume of steam and gases rising in the distance. All of us on board could hardly wait for the wait for the main event. Little did we know that what we were about to witness would take our breaths away. Captain Shane took us along the the face of the flow and there were several active flows running into the sea. And THEN, we all watched as the top of the flow, that looked like solid rock, started to morph and move. Suddenly this solid rock turned into blazing flowing lava. A large pool formed on the surface as a wide flow cascaded over the side and flowed into the ocean. WE could feel the heat and hear it sizzle. Captain Shane got us close enough for great pictures but not enough to put us in any danger. Would recommend this trip to anyone with good sea legs and a good camera. Captain Shane and his crew gave us a great adventure.
Don and Steve, Ventura California

STOP THE PRESS..... HOLD THE PHONE ......OH MY GOD !!! The Big Island, Hawaii lava tour like no other. I have witnessed one of the most amazing sights on the planet. After trying to walk to see some volcanic lava activity, we gave up after two hrs and turned back. We then investigated other ways to go `Lava Hunting`. This is how we met Shane Turpin, boat skipper and general extreme dude. He showed us pictures of him and his father sculpting lava with a metal hook while scuba diving......BRILLIANTLY MENTAL, it beats my drinking a Jack and Coke under the waves I reckon. It was so good that Sanne and myself went one morning at 4:30am, then went again the following evening. We even both caught a fish on the way home. You have to try to do this - it is a great thing. It is so good I will shamelessly plug it.... Speak to Shane on (US) 808 966 4200 So if you have a holiday to take, get yourself down here to The Big Island, Hawai`i - got to be done before you go!Aloha, Sid.....Sid was traveling around the world more here about his world wide adventures

Hi Captin Shane and Dan!
Thanks for the great lava fishing adventure and the best fishing trip ever. It was the highlight of our trip
Hawaii Fishing Charter
Honeymooners Ashley and Jeremy Dubyak
May 2007


August 2008

There were a number of flows of liquid hot magma! From the center of the earth! From "Pele... the the Hawaiian goddess". Unbelievable. I felt like I was in a National Geograpic magazine. feeling the heat and steam. it was mesmerizing and yet something more.... The moon almost full had found it's way through the clouds and it was then that I felt pure joy. Looking out across the vast ocean with the moon shining brightly and the experience we just encountered I looked over to my husband and felt pure joy. Now I know, the man I married so long ago, has given me so such happiness. What an amazing experience! Link to full story

Lava Jose says

"Viva the LavaKat & LavaKai, Lava Ocean Adventures is the best lava boat charter on the Big Island.Visit photographer Jose Martinez at his booth in Kalapana.

Well we could write all day about our lava fishing charter onboard with Dan & Shane From catching my first fish (a 30lb ONO) to capturing 100's of amazing lava photos these guys provide best lava tour ever. Cant wait to go out to the lava again next year.
April 2007
The Miller family
Shane took my wife, myself and two daughters to see the lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean. What we saw that night was beyond spectacular or amazing. Words really can't describe what we experienced that night. The pictures taken were amazing but it still can't describe what we experienced.Thank You Shane! for a memory that we will NEVER forget! You did a wonderful job!
Mark, Deidre, Kristen and Stacey
The Ruble family from Ohio