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National Geographic Lava Tour
Our film crew was quite impressed the operation & your help yesterday. Everyone went on throughout dinner about how much lava footage we were able to get during the golden lava sunrise. Thanks to you & the your crew.

Katy Jones
Filming of ...
Behind the Photo: Kilauea

May 10th, 2008

For large productions like the discovery Channel the LavaKai is the only way to go. In late May 3008 Suzanne Ward & Liz Biggs of Pioneer Productions were out here working on a piece with a working title of 'Raging Planet II.' With both the LavaKat & LavaKai at the flow a we had the ultimate lava production shoot including boat to boat video action. We cant wait to see the show, another Lava Ocean Adventure.

Capt Shane

In April 2007 we guided the Discovery Channel on a Ocean Lava Tour to the Kilaueas lava ocean entry. They were filming a TV production pertaining to Boat Lava and underwater pillow lava.

Hana Hou Hawaiian Air Inflight Magazine - Restless Mountain by Dennis Hollier
This is where the lava flows into the sea, and it’s an awesome and infernal scene. From this close, the gigantic plume seems alive, coiling and coiling upon itself as the trade winds blow it low over the steaming water. Sea witches—delicate, evanescent water spouts—undulate like tentacles from its dark underbelly. And, at its churning center, a seemingly endless succession of explosions pummel the shore with a hailstorm of scoria and splattered lava. (full story)

photos by Olivier Koning
Seattle Times- Front Cover & Centerfold mulitipage story in the Sunday Travel Section
LA Times - Kilauea’s lava flow is Hawaii’s hottest show
How often do you get to watch a lava flow? Lava has been coursing through the mainland and hit the ocean in four areas as of Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The volcano has been spewing since 1983, putting on an occasional show for visitors and scientists. (full story)
Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times
Hawaii Tribune Herald Newspaper - December 7th, 2008 Friday & Sunday newspaper cover shots & story
Fall 2008 101 Things to do Big Island --Photos Lavaocean provided Cover Shot - LavaKai Ad - Photo Insert
The San Francisco Chronical - Seeing lava up close and personal from the sea! - Despite the fact that you could cook shrimp in the steaming water we were in, I felt strangely at peace there. The air was thick, humid and oddly comfortable, with the clean, soothing quality of a steam bath. He's just 29 years old, but Capt. Shane may very well be the most experienced lava boat tour guide in the world. He's a second-generation lava man, son of a guy actually called "Bud the Lava Man," a maverick fisherman and scuba diver who was known for creating lava sculptures from slow-moving underwater flows. (full story) article by David Thompson

Seattle PI - Hawaii lava: When Pele gets cookin' - You can get a unique view of Big Island flows by boat

Watching this viscous stream of fire -- pushing temperatures as high as 2,200 degrees -- bang heads with another of Mother Nature's most powerful forces was hypnotic. As the lava met the Pacific, scalding water (upward of 150 degrees) exploded, not to mention lava fragments that were flung into the air like chunks of lethal fruit from an open blender. (full story)

Dive Magazine article "Working up a lava" features Lava Diver Bud Turpin forming pillow lava (Full Story)

Check out Bud's website - Be in control of your Hawaii Vacation Tour the Big Island in a VW Westfalia Camper

Lava Moon earned Honorible Mention in Field & Forest Magazine in 2005. A full moon sets over the sea cliffs as numerous rivers on lava cascade their way into the ocean below. What a sunrise!