Adventure tour to Hawaii's Newest land to witness the aftermath from 28+ years of Volcano Kilauea's active lava eruption



Lava Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Lava Ocean Adventures?
A.We're Hawaii's, Big Island ocean adventure tour company. The Lavaocean crew consists of long time Hawaii residents who have boated here in East Hawaii for years. Our current Big Island boat tours include: Hawaii Volcano Tours, Lava Boat Tours, Hilo Side Fishing Charters,Whale Watching, Hawaii Ocean Tours, Private Dinner Cruises & Custom Ocean Adventures.


Q: What happens when lava isn't flowing?
A. There is always a chance the lava can stop flowing into the ocean at any time and has happened before. When lava's not flowing into the sea we opperate our Hawaii Volcano Coastline Tours

Q: Where do we meet for the Kilauea volcano lava tour?
A. (Location/Map


Q: Lava Boat Tours vs. Helicopter Volcano Tours?
A. Both are great hawaii tours it really depends on what type of volcano tours your interested in. Lava Boat Tours are geared toward the adventure seeker. We Hear the sizzle as the lava touches the sea, we Feel the molten heat , we see red hot lava & we experience open ocean boating conditions. Helicopter volcano tours can be a good way to view the crater & lava action up the mountain with views from a 1000+ft. If your looking to get up close to lava then volcano boat tours offer you the ultimate close up lava viewing expereince with views from a 100 yards.When lava touches the sea a plume cloud begins extending into the sky, blocking ocean lava viewing from the Helicopter & Kalapana lava viewing center. The unobstructed facing view of lava is by far the best way to view lava & a trademark of lava ocean tours. After years of lava touring when lava's touching the sea theres no where we'd rather be, then on a lava boat!

Q: Is the boat we are touring with comfortable and safe?
A. Lava Ocean Adventures offers 3 of the safests most equipped lava boats. Our boat captains are United States Coast Guard licensed, our vessels are permited through the state of Hawaii, & we carry insurance for all of our passengers. We look forward to making our Hawaii Lava Tour a part of your Big Vacation. The Lava Ocean Volcano Experience is great, safe way to experience lava as it touches the sea..

Q: When is the best time to view lava by boat?
A. Usually the Sunrise Lava Tour is the best. Due to the golden rays of sunlighting the lava, creating a visual spectacle. On a calm night the Sunset Lava Tour can be exciting too, with vibrent lava afterglows. Then again, we have photographers that love the early Afternoon Adventure Lava Tours due to the available lighting for pictures. So take your pick lava is lava, come get it while its red hot .

Q: How long are your Kilauea Lava Boat Tours?
A: Lava Boat tours generally last 2-2.5 hours depending on ocean conditions. Lava viewing on our daily scheduled Boat Lava Tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. If you're a lava lover & will need more time at the lava you might consider custom lava tour one of our private 6 passenger vessels.

Q: Will I see active lava?
A. You will truly be amazed with whatever Pele is giving us each tour is unique we can guarantee your pictures will be one of a kind. Lava drips, explodes into the air, flows like a river, glows molten along the bench cracks, and ooze out in little to big blobs. As long as lava is flowing into the sea you'll see lava on every trip.

Q: Can you see lava during the day?
A. Yes, Lava is red hot all day long. During certain flow conditions the lighting the daylight provides allows for great lit lava photos.

Q: How long has Hawaii Volcano Kilauea been erupting?
A. There has been lava flowing from Kilauea’s vents for over 26 years in the Kalapana area, however lava entering the sea is a rare occurrence and only happens about 25% or less of the time. In recent years this has almost doubled with 2 out of the 3 years of lava entering the sea. We have a 99% chance of seeing lava on every trip. We are all truly blessed to have the world’s most active volcano Kilauea so accessible to us.

Q: How rough is the water?
A. Our 3 catamarans are built for open ocean conditions found here in East Hawaii. This trip is not for everyone!!! We can be out in as high as 4-6’ swells. We will not go out if the wind or sea conditions go beyond what a 4 year old can endure or if lightning or other unforeseen events prevent us from having a safe lava trip. Sometimes this decision is made right before boarding and we will give as much notice as we can, if we are going to cancel a boat trip. Again, your safety is our biggest concern.

Q: What should we bring?
A. We want you to be thrilled as well as safe. You can get wet and a rain jacket will make the difference in having a better chance of keeping dry. Please bring a bag or water resistant sack to protect your important items ie, cameras, cell phones, electronics.

Q: What if I get sea sick?
A. Well it does happen but no so often, we recommend you invest into an over the counter substance like Bonnie to help with motion sickness. You know who you are! If you can, we also suggest eating a light meal an hour before your boat tour.

Q: What about the sulfur dioxide and the huge smoke cloud?
A. For the most part the huge plume that you see is steam created by the lava entering the ocean. There can be sulfur dioxide in the air as well as ash and glass particles and sometimes smoke as the jungle burns. We do not enter the steam cloud, but in some cases we do have to go under the steam plume to get to the lava side of the flow. The Possibility of ash and / or volcanic particles as well as slightly acidic rain (which has about the same acidity as lemon juice) can land on the boat and passengers. There is always a chance of having an adverse reaction if you have allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. If you have any difficulties with your lungs or skin it is best to bring a dust mask and / or any medication you may need. If we smell sulfur we move to a clean air location. Please let us know of any concerns before booking.

Q: What if I am pregnant or have back/ neck issues?
A. This trip is not for you if you are pregnant or have existing back/neck issues due to rigorous ocean conditions. Ask yourself & your group I they can handle getting bumped, bounced around for 2 hours on a boat? If the answer is no, then this trip is not for you. Certain physical conditions warrant serious consideration of worst case possibilities.

Q: I thought we could just walk out and see lava?
A: As of March 2008, the County of Hawaii has denied access to the
lava fields due to it being EXTREAMELY hazardous to your life with risks of lava benches falling into the sea occurring regularly. The Visitor lava viewing center is closed about a half a mile up the coast from the actual lava flow area.

Q: Ok, how close can we get to the lava?
A: Upon arrival our approach is 200 yards away. After assessing the lava ocean entry to make sure its le possible to safely to get a closer look at the lava. Depending on the conditions of the lava flow we can be as close as 20 yards under excellent conditions. You shouldn't need your telephoto lenses/
binoculars on any of our lava volcano tours.