Big Island Hawaii Lava Boat Tours -
Come aboard one of our Lava Tour Boats to view Lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Experience the ultmate Hawaii vacation, view hot lava flow from Kilauea volcano sizzling red hot into the Pacific Ocean!


Volcano Boat Tours

Hilo, Hawaii - Hawaii's Kalapana coastline
Our Lava Tour Boats take you to the best vantage point to view red hot lava from Hawaii Volcano Kilauea enter the sea by boat . Located in East Hawaii, our Big Island Boat Tours
are designed to ensure you a safe & exciting Hawaii adventure tour. The Lava Boat fleet consists of 3 twin hulled boats including the 27ft private Hawaii volcano ocean adventure boat "Kue'wa". The lava tour party on the water is onboard the 34ft "LavaKai", USCG rated for up to 24 passengers & equipped for your Hawaii Vacation fun.

Hawaii Lava Boat Tours -
Lava Tours to Volcano Kilauea take you to See, Hear, & Feel the heat. A front row seat to view red hot lava flow into the Pacific Ocean. Our lava tours regularly experience: lava heated steam, rivers of lava, littorial explosions, plume clouds, erupting lava bombs, & volcanic splatter cones. Explore the islands recent lava flows so fresh they're still cooling. The crew all have years of experience at the lava ocean entry & can't wait you show you an unforgettable red hot ocean lava tour. For boat Lava Tour reservations & info contact 808.966.4200 or email
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Hawaii Volcano Pictures
, Hawaii Volcano Pictures & Lava Boat Tour History, Lavakai Lava Boat Photos, Media Kit, painting a picture of Lava Ocean Adventures last decade of boat lava tours to visit Volcano Kilauea's ocean entry rivers of fire. (more
) Our Big Island Adventure Tours include Lava Boat Tours, Lava Tours, Hawaii Whale Watching, Hilo Fishing Charters, & Hilo Waterfalls & Wildlife Tours, Custom Hawaii Volcano Ocean Tours.



Sunrise lava tour on lava boat "LavaKai"
Fish Hawaii's remote, pleantyful waters to catch Ono, Mahi Mahi, Ahi, & view Red Hot Lava Come do it all on our popular half day lava fishing tours.

Sunset Lava Tours to Hawaii Volcano Kilauea
Volcano Ocean Adventure Tours view lava, all day.

Hawaii Dream Tours - Kilauea Volcano Lava Tour
Lava Ocean Adventures wants to show you LAVA


Hawaii Volcano Kilauea Ocean Lava Eruption Updates -
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Volcano Eruption Update
Saturday December 14, 2019
Recent Kilauea Status Reports, Updates, and Information Releases

Lavaocean Hawaii Volcano Eruption Updates - (archieves)