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Complete your dream Hawaii Vacation on a lava boat tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The best lava viewing on the Big Island



Hawaii Volcano Coastline Adventure
Departs 5AM & 5 PM * BOOK NOW!
Our morning volcano tour and afternoon volcano tours are the easiest for all around photographing lava pouring from Kilauea into the sea. If you are out there to “get the shot” think about this - The sun has broke the horizon and started it's climb into the mid morning sky to give you an abundance of natural back light for viewing lava and the best all around time to capture Hawaii lava photos. Red Hot Lava is completely visible even during the middle of the day in full sun. Our volcano ocean lava tours take you along the most rugged Big Island coast lines see lava caves, lava tubes, black sand beaches as well as cultural and many other geological features. Day tours provide great Hawaii sightseeing, you get to view the Kalapana coastline on way to the lava & on the way back. If you missed the shot the first time you get a second chance on the way home. Come home from this Hawaii Vacation with lava pictures that will make family & friends wonder if you actually took them.**


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**Trips are subject to weather cancellations.

In the event you do not see active lava on your trip. Your trip will become our World Famous Volcano Coastline Tour (VCT) where your lava viewing time will be converted into an extended coastal viewing experience deep into the remote Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where lava has entered the sea for the last 28+ years.

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