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Lava Tour photos in Hawaii captured by the Lava Ocean Adventures crew during our lava boat tours. This is your chance to make everlasting Hawaii memorys & shoot some great lava photos.A lava photographers dream tour, shoot an upclose frontial view of lava as it sizzles, erupts, and flows red hot into the Pacific Ocean. Redecorate your house with lava photos of your Ohana on this Big Island Hawaii Vacation Tour to view Hawaii's active volcanoes. Here's just a few of our favorite lava photos from our Kilauea Lava Tours.

Volcano Boat Tours take you to watch as molten lava pours into the ocean creating new Hawaii land all day long. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks coastline is the perfect place to experience lava touch the sea & lends to tons of photographic opportunities with lava sea arches, ancient lava tubes, bench cracks, black sand beaches, lava flows, the Pali, Kalapana, Kehena, Hawaii State Parks, Pohoiki Bay Surf, & Various marine life including: Sharks, Monk Seals, Dolphins, Whales, & many types of Seabirds. We look forward to getting you in the right spot to take that ultimate Big Island shot!! Not to mention all the action going on at the ocean entry. You'll be amazed at the Lava Tubes, Red Rivers of Lava, Littorial Explosions, Lava Drips, Steam created by upwellings from underwater lava flows (Pillow Lava), Giant Surreal Plume Clouds, Tephra Black Sand Beaches, and much more.